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Mt.Nyiragongo volcano..

Gorilla Safaris Africa

Active African Vacations is a multi country safari company that is providing unforgettable tours all over east Africa & central Africa for gorilla trekking. Gorilla Travel destinations in Africa include Volcanoes national Park, Virunga National Park,Mgahinga National Park, Kahuzi biega, Bwindi forest.

If you are looking for an exciting gorilla tour that gets you up close and personal with african gorillas & wildlife then select Active african adventures to helps you experience amazing sights with the local expert guides.

Explore Africa’s tropical rain forests for an expeditious gorilla safari holiday?Gorilla Safaris Africa leads gorilla trekking tours to visit the mountain gorillas, Lowland gorillas & other apes in the Wilderness.

Experience Gorilla Tours to Rwanda, Uganda & Congo on  a gorilla trekking safaris with  Gorilla Safari Africa.

Active African vacations is the Uganda small group adventure specialist helping you to get the most out of your gorilla trekking holiday.

Hiking and Trekking Gear

  • Long pants that are not jeans-protect you from getting scratched by bushes/ piercing grass.
  • Denim shirts/ t-shirts with Long sleeves
  • Rain jacket to protect/ cover you from the rain so that you don’t get wet.
  • Light weight boots with warm soft socks
  • Building/Gardening Gloves
  • Sweater for warmth in the evenings
  • Guide book with a map to give you direction in case you get stuck anywhere.
  • Utility tool to carry your camping items
  • Camera without a flash to take clear photos
  • First aid kit to help you in case of uncertain emergencies.
  • Light weight bandana/ towel to use.
  • Cap/ hat for covering the head/ hair.
  • Waterproof plastic bag to protect and carry the camera.


Top Safari Packages

3 days Murchison falls safari

Enjoy Murchison Falls Np while on a 3 days tour to have beautiful encounters with various wildlife animals.

5 Day Rwanda Gorillas & Chimps

Visit Rwanda’s National parks and other tourism destinations to enjoy the country’s wonders to the fullest.

5 Days Gorillas and Mt. Nyiragongo hike

Looking for an adventure that is exciting, visit to hike the great Mt. Nyiragongo Volcano for the best.

5 Days Lowland Gorillas & Nyungwe Chimps

Travel to the DR Congo to encounter the unique intelligent species of lowland Gorillas and chimpanzees of Nyungwe.

8 Days Rwanda Primate Safari

Visit Rwanda’s National parks i.e Volcanoes & Nyungwe to encounter and experience Gorillas and chimpanzees enjoying their habitat.

8 Days Uganda Ultimate Tour

Looking for an exciting safari adventure in Uganda? take on the 8 days Uganda Ultimate tour for the best experiences.

Look through our precise Safari Packages for the best encounters

Visit Rwanda on a 1 Day Gorilla Trek to enjoy an encounter with the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National park.

Looking for a short exciting Gorilla expedition in Rwanda visit Volcanoes National Park for the best experience.

Embark on a 3 days Gorilla tour around Rwanda to have an ultimate experience with the endangered species of Mountain Gorillas in their habitat.

Visit the prominent Virunga National Park in Congo to spot the exciting endangered species of Mountain  Gorillas.

Enjoy a Gorilla trekking encounter in Congo at Virunga National Park to satisfy your adventure requirements while on holiday.

Hike the tremendous Mt Nyiragongo Volcano to experience Africa’s mysteries at heights as well as tracking Gorillas.

Visit Uganda and transfer to Semliki National Park to spot various wildlife animals in 3 Days an experience that is worthwhile.

Enjoy the 4 Days Murchison Falls Tour by visiting the famous Murchison Falls National Park to experience the best of the BIG Five.

Encounter and enjoy Africa’s finest in Uganda while on holiday safari by visiting Bwindi to watch the Gorillas, Queen Elizabeth for wildlife encounters.


Ssali Billy- Managing Director

Ssali Billy is the managing director and a very hard working efficient person with enough experience in the tourism industry. He has traveled a lot around very many tourist destinations in different countries. Ask him anything concerning tourism and you will get your answers.

Nabuuma Margret-Reservations

Margret is a reservations Manager and a very sufficient effective personnel  with prior knowledge about anything concerning Tourism. She is a very skilled hardworking lady with good experience in customer care and relations.She has also traveled around Uganda, Rwanda and Congo which makes her knowledgeable.

Kafeero Edward-IT Manager

Edward is the Information Technology personnel in the company with a lot of experience and appropriate skills to design, develop and manage the company’s websites. He has traveled to different tourism destinations in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo which makes him more efficient and organized at what he markets.

Lukyamuzi Godfrey-Reservations

Godfrey studied at the prominent Makerere University and acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism. He is a professional at reserving hotels and safaris for clients worldwide with enough experience in customer care and relations. He has very rich travel history too in all destinations around Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

Gorilla Safaris Africa

Gorilla Safaris Africa under the prominent Active African vacations ltd is here to give you extraordinary experiences and encounters with nature's mysteries as well as unique features. Are you a traveler looking for exceptional adventure around Africa? book/ work with us to have the best of Africa's pleasures from wildernesses to mysteries in the world that have not been discovered anywhere unless in the dark continent.

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