Comparing Uganda gorilla tracking Vs Rwanda 2016-2017

gorillasBasing on the ground observation and analysis about the way how the activity is conducted. Most clients are not satisfied with the shallow information which most of the uandas guides give during the actual gorilla trekking irrespective of the exercise being conductive on the ground of 1 hour to be spend with the gorillas hence leaving Rwanda with high expectation of being number one option for gorilla watching in Africa. Not only that but also the actual organization of the exercise with the central point of briefing about the gorillas gives more confidence to tourists to believe that Rwanda is realy number one gorilla destination  being the fact that all 10 gorilla group trackers begin / briefed from the same point.

Visibility and really personally affected guides gives you more confidence during the trekking , not only that but also keeps on creating more and more space so that every member in the group gets achance to see / take photos and really have value for their money.

The average trekking and the terrain / the gorilla trekking trail in Rwanda makes its easy to navigate and move around without much difficulties compared to Uganda where one has to climb up and down in search for these apes thus leaving Rwanda at an added advantage ahead of Uganda.

The driving distance from the point of entry into these two countries  is among the outstanding factor , where its just 2 hours drive on nice and paved road from kanombe international airport to get to the wel known Volcanoes gorilla place while its almost afull day on rough and rugged terrain from Entebbe airport to get to either Bwindi impenetrable forest or to Mgahinga national park.

Entry point  fees charged at the airport, Uganda charges $100 for single entry while Rwanda makes it pocket friendly by careening $30 thus the difference in the gorilla permit price is compensated in this way by Rwanda  and total combination of factors to  Rwanda a head of Uganda

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