Rwanda’s 12th Gorilla naming ceremony

Gorilla naming ceremony was first introduced in Uganda by the late Mapesa who the director of Tourism in Uganda at the time. Laiter the function was adopted by President kagame of Rwanda who has spearheaded the function from being a local function to a widely known international function. This year the Kwita Izina” naming ceremony “ in which newly born gorilla individuals are given manes in commemoration of those who have sacrificed their lives in the process of saving the mountain gorillas. This year the ceremony took place in the gorilla territory of Kinigi, formally known as Volcanoes national park, it was on 2nd /9/2016 when this function took place, the director of Rwanda tourism board President paul kagame was chaired for the opening ceremony of this function, the guest of hour in the famous international gorilla saving ceremonies were present including the Dianne fossey foundation, Gorilla doctors, and wwf
This was 11th celebration in which 22 gorilla babies were given names, this is within the Rwanda culture of naming the young born gorillas as symbol of welcoming them into the family, as it gives them chance to keep the trend and records for the number of young gorillas in a particular family.i have been blessed that in my life I have trekked gorillas within Rwanda’s volcanoes national park, and this was an experience that I wont forget in my life and it difficult to explain the feelings once you’re with these great apes, the love, the joy and feelings you get to have seeing the juveniles, playing, jumping over the trees its really believed to last like mothers love. I would only encourage those who haven’t seen the gorillas to go and see these great apes.
The existence of mountain gorillas through this Kwita izzina function attracts thousands of foreign investors as well as local villagers who are direct beneficiaries of Mountain gorillas through community benefit sharing as the revenues from mountain gorillas, a small percentage from the revenues is brought back to support the locals in form of subcidised school, good road networks construction, Electricity and many more, therefore, those who missed the Gorilla naming ceremony of 2nd sept 2016 hope you wont miss the next year’s 2017 most probably in June.Rwanda is becoming aprime destination to primate lovers with the existence of mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park and Nyungwe forest national park.
The given names include , Moshabiru,Nyampiga,Ukinyunga,Ushimwa,Hobe Rwanda ,Mafubo,uwumwiza,etc.

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