where can I see gorillas in Africa?

gorilla-trekking-copySeeing gorillas in their natural habitat are on every ones bucket list all over the globe, but what matters in the decision of where to see / find them, Uganda or Rwanda??  Is the daily question for every individual or group tour. That’s why I choose to write about Traveling as it  is our specialty here active African vacations, and we are big believers in turning vacations into adventurer reality . We think bringing to you adventure advise before traveling should be about bringing people together from all around the world, and having unique experiences that they will remember forever not only to you but also to your traveling companion this would be really something to live to remember. Gorillas classified into Low land gorillas and mountain gorillas,  the low land gorillas exist in abundance especially in the Central African republic and in Gabon, its one single country where you can see the 3 species of primates  is, the bonobos, gorillas both lowland and mountain gorillas, and chimpanzees.

Mountain gorillas are one of the biggest attraction into Africa where we only find these species of gorillas, in other places gorillas have come to extinct the places are Congo DRC, Uganda and Rwanda… the level of tourist turn over varies due to number  to number of factors like, location, political factors like security and accessibility. Uganda  charges uniform prices on gorilla permits, the rate is subject to seasonality, like high season and low season  in low season no more permit at $350 instead  its $450 with the effect from New UWA tariff, this only a ply to April and May, November and December. While in others remaining months, it’s the normal price $600

while in Rwanda gorilla pass cost $700 irrespective of which month, we see gorilla in Rwanda volcanoes national park( kinigi) while in Uganda, gorillas are found in  Mgahinga national park ( Ntebeko) bordering Rwanda and Congo on the edge of Volcanoes park, Virunga and mgahinga park, Bwindi impenetrable forest, within Buhoma, Rushaga , Nsongi and Nkuringo trekking point. Gorillas exist in their natural habitats, besides gorilla trekking in the above  areas, Uganda has gone ahead to introduce gorilla habituation in Rushaga where you can stay with gorillas for more than 4 hours , at extra fee of $1200 this is much better compared to gorilla trekking which is $600 and you stay 1 hour with gorillas. Although the path is a bit muddy and somewhat steep, its all very doable if you have no health issues advisable to be in good health to go gorilla trekking  or else hire porter to have a much better chance of seeing the gorillas.


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