slide29Gorillas are widely spread only on 3 countries where one can actually view them in their natural habitat in Africa but Uganda Rwanda stands high chances compared to Congo being unstable country for a number of reasons.to see these  to do  this you need to be in good shape physically therefore gorillas are one of your life time experience as majority only visit once, while on the gorilla trek, You can never tell what the trek will be liked and am sure many of you might be  looking forward to this for a long time and after it you would feel  satisfied and met your childhood dream / expectations. You need to be at least in perfect shape. You can never compare the joy that one would get walking with the gorillas in their natural habitat am sure after meeting the gorillas while on the trek  For some good time maybe an  hour you walk beside and behind the gorillas as they make their way through the farms munching on eucalyptus along and bamboo trees  , the juveniles will be swinging on the tree branches

On the actual gorilla trekking there are shapers/porters these provides you a great support as  If you loss your footing or else they would still give you extra support in case your  struggling to navigate through the  rocky volcanic stones they would help you out. You are all given walking sticks for the trek which defiantly helps please be calm and have one since there is no extra cost on this. Unless if you really trust your fitness level, then you may skip taking one “if you get chance in your life ,please do it as you only live once”

Below is a list of suggested packing list but since majority of travelers prefer to travel light, you may choose what is the best and you can have those on board

– Thick gardening gloves to protect your hands when going through the deep bushes and stinging nettles this are so helpful and may be ranked #5

– long pants and long sleeved shirt to protect you from the bush these are so much required ranked #2

– gaiters – these are helpful but still you can do without them , in case you don’t have them  the park does rent them out for $5 per person these can be ranked #7

– rain pants $ jacket – this is strongly encouraged ant its ranked #1 all those who wish to go gorilla trekking, you need to have a rain jacket as you can never know how the weather would be  ranked #1.

– high hiking socks so that you can tuck your pants inside the socks to protect from red ants and for easy movement to navigate through the rough terrain

– walking sticks for you to use, these are provided by your ranger guide and its for free ,highly recommend and you find these at the actual stating point where you meet the porters.” you take one as they are very useful when traversing through the  thick bush hiking up the dead volcanic stones.

-Miscellaneous money for tipping, these are the people that help to curry your belongings and give you an upper hand push to allow you navigate through they are paid $10-15 per day but it would unfair not to give someone a token of appreciation for having helped on your once a life time experience. They take a small penny of your holiday savings ranked #4

– main guide  these are mainly 2 ranger guides these carry a gun for security purposes  just to scare away any wild animals that they meet while on the way  plus an assistant guide these will automatically be there for you and they are paid by the national park body but its advisable to give them a tip.

This is really an amazing experience. It gorilla trekking adventure is well organized and run smoothly you will be so impressed with Africa /Rwanda in general! It is an amazing country to pay a visit!!

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