3 days Murchison Falls Safari Tour

The 3 days Murchison falls safari tour involves traveling around the prominent park while spotting various wildlife animals like the lions, elephants, warthogs, giraffes, kobs, topis, etc. The park is known to be among the vast national parks in Uganda with many different bird species as well as wildlife. Through the park traverses the famous River Nile which also makes visiting this park very exciting and exceptional.

Day 1: Arrival- Murchison Falls

On arrival at the airport/ after having morning breakfast at your hotel, you will be picked up by an experienced company representative/ guide at exactly 7:00 am who will welcome and take you through an orientation about the entire trip. After this, you will proceed to the Gulu High way towards Nakasongola where you can stop over at a supermarket along the way to buy some snacks, fruits then later you will transfer straight to Masindi Town. On arrival, you will have lunch at Court View Hotel, Masindi Hotel. After the lunch break, you will leave Masindi town then embark on a dirt road which will take you towards the park. On your way, you will spot baboons along the roads waiting for any goodies and eatables to grab. All wind screens must be up to avoid any inconveniences/ attacks. After a few minutes, you will reach the park then transfer to the top of the falls. When you reach here, you will spot view the vigorous waterfalls hitting the rocks with the beautiful rainbow descending into the water. This will leave you speechless due to the view that will enable you take beautiful clear photos for memories. After here, you will be transferred through the back and you will have to cross the river Nile to the Northern part of the park since this has more wildlife animals than the southern. After reaching, you will wait and board a ferry that will help you cross the river at exactly 7:00 pm. You will drive through the park to your hotel/ lodge for dinner and overnight and on your way you might spot wildlife animals like the Buffalo, Kobs, waterbucks, topis etc within the Savannah vegetation. Paraa Safari Lodge (luxury), Heritage Safari Lodge (Budget), Fort Murchison Lodge (Mid range). Meal plan F/B

Day 2: Game Drive & Boat Cruise-Murchison Falls

You will wake up very early in the morning have breakfast at around 6:15 am since at exactly 6:30 am; you will be leaving for your early morning game drive. At breakfast, you will be given packed lunch for eating due to the fact that you would not be required to transfer back to the hotel/ lodge for lunch. When finished with breakfast, you will go straight to the car to be transferred straight to the park so as to spot the early riser wildlife animals like the leopards, lions as well as the hippos. When you reach the park, you will follow different tracks in order to spot various animals. You will be able to spot Giraffes, kobs, Topis, waterbucks, red tailed monkeys, Leopards, Lions, hyenas etc. After this, you will proceed straight to the Victoria Nile where you will have your lunch while waiting for the afternoon boat cruise that starts at exactly 2:00 pm. When it clocks 2 O’clock, the boats will come pick you up to transfer you to the bottom of the falls an experience that is exceptional and wonderful. You will go cruising for 3 hours and when all this is done, you will be transferred back to go to your lodge/ hotel for dinner and overnight. Paraa Safari lodge-luxury, Heritage safari Lodge-budget, Fort Murchison Lodge-Mid range. Meal Plan F/B.

Day 3: Game Drive-Departure

You will rise up early in the morning prepare and carry your luggage for an early game drive as you are leaving for Masindi Town as well as the city. On your way you will spot various wildlife animals like hippos, kobs, topis, water bucks, Giraffes, elephants, Buffalos etc. After leaving the park, you will transfer straight to Kampala for dinner and overnight at your hotel or board your flight back home. Meal plan F/B.