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Gorilla Safaris Africa operates in the wilderness between Uganda, Kenya,Tanzania and Rwanda in East Africa. We offer Wild Safaris throughout East Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Your host and professional guides with the best experience about the wild game including elephants, lions, buffaloes and leopards are ready to take you on your trip. At Gorilla Safaris Africa we specialize mostly in mountain gorilla and chimpanzee safaris to Uganda Safari and Rwanda Safari.We also arrange safari trips to Kenya ,Tanzania.

Over the past five years we have been at the fore front of mountain gorilla tourism.

Your journey with Gorilla Safaris Africa takes you on an unforgettable voyage into the misty forests of Africa and gives you a privileged insight into the fascinating world of the great apes. Led by our outstanding guides, you will stay at our unique and intimate eco-lodges near the gorilla and chimpanzee forests. Your journey will be an amazing experience for you. We look forward to creating a distinctive and memorable safari holiday for you!

Our Holidays Safaris

Whether you are on a Big Five Safari, Gorilla Trekking Adventure, hunting, or photographic safari, Wild Safaris ensures comfort, service and attention to both small groups and larger groups of travelers . We at Wild Safaris, believe in quality, rather than quantity. This is why most of our clients return again and again!

The area with its varying terrain, with rich fauna, number of fresh water bodies like lake Victoria, the largest in land water body, the longest river in Africa,{river Nile} the great east African rift valley.gorillas in the thick forested areas and mountains, deepest lake in Africa {L.Tanganyika} various cultural ethnic groups like the shortest people in the world {Batwa] and wild forests which are naturally originated like Mabira forest, exiting alternative to the treeless fell landscape{savannah}.

In any way, there are other activities which might satisfy your holiday needs. Activities like white water rafting, kayaking, bumpy jumping, terrain adventures, visiting culture tombs, cultural dances,and urban tours. The safaris can be purchased from the weekly schedule or as packages tailored to meet your needs. Uganda has a variety of wildlife game in the several National Parks found in the country. Among the top destinations for game viewing include the Queen Elizabeth National park and Murchison Falls National Park.

There is potential to view animals including lions relaxing and elephants ambling and giant forest hog snuffing. Any visitor to Queen Elizabeth National Park cannot fail to be amazed by the enormous diversity in each kingdom of creation. It is simply a visual feast. Take a boat trip, a game drive, a woodland walk or simply enjoy any of the myriad stunning views.

The Murchison Falls National Park, with its variety of vegetation ranging from riparian forests and swamp lands to broad Savannah, provides the opportunity of seeing many of the animals found in Uganda. A launch trip upstream to the falls is one of the great experiences in Africa. Elephant, hartebeest, giraffe, buffalo, crocodiles and countless antelope and birds (including the rare Shoebill stork) can be admired at the water’s edge as the launch glides along.