slide29Gorillas are widely spread only on 3 countries where one can actually view them in their natural habitat in Africa but Uganda Rwanda stands high chances compared to Congo being unstable country for a number of reasons.to see these  to do  this you need to be in good shape physically therefore gorillas are one of your life time experience as majority only visit once, while on the gorilla trek, You can never tell what the trek will be liked and am sure many of you might be  looking forward to this for a long time and after it you would feel  satisfied and met your childhood dream / expectations. You need to be at least in perfect shape. You can never compare the joy that one would get walking with the gorillas in their natural habitat am sure after meeting the gorillas while on the trek  For some good time maybe an  hour you walk beside and behind the gorillas as they make their way through the farms munching on eucalyptus along and bamboo trees  , the juveniles will be swinging on the tree branches

On the actual gorilla trekking there are shapers/porters these provides you a great support as  If you loss your footing or else they would still give you extra support in case your  struggling to navigate through the  rocky volcanic stones they would help you out. You are all given walking sticks for the trek which defiantly helps please be calm and have one since there is no extra cost on this. Unless if you really trust your fitness level, then you may skip taking one “if you get chance in your life ,please do it as you only live once”

Below is a list of suggested packing list but since majority of travelers prefer to travel light, you may choose what is the best and you can have those on board

– Thick gardening gloves to protect your hands when going through the deep bushes and stinging nettles this are so helpful and may be ranked #5

– long pants and long sleeved shirt to protect you from the bush these are so much required ranked #2

– gaiters – these are helpful but still you can do without them , in case you don’t have them  the park does rent them out for $5 per person these can be ranked #7

– rain pants $ jacket – this is strongly encouraged ant its ranked #1 all those who wish to go gorilla trekking, you need to have a rain jacket as you can never know how the weather would be  ranked #1.

– high hiking socks so that you can tuck your pants inside the socks to protect from red ants and for easy movement to navigate through the rough terrain

– walking sticks for you to use, these are provided by your ranger guide and its for free ,highly recommend and you find these at the actual stating point where you meet the porters.” you take one as they are very useful when traversing through the  thick bush hiking up the dead volcanic stones.

-Miscellaneous money for tipping, these are the people that help to curry your belongings and give you an upper hand push to allow you navigate through they are paid $10-15 per day but it would unfair not to give someone a token of appreciation for having helped on your once a life time experience. They take a small penny of your holiday savings ranked #4

– main guide  these are mainly 2 ranger guides these carry a gun for security purposes  just to scare away any wild animals that they meet while on the way  plus an assistant guide these will automatically be there for you and they are paid by the national park body but its advisable to give them a tip.

This is really an amazing experience. It gorilla trekking adventure is well organized and run smoothly you will be so impressed with Africa /Rwanda in general! It is an amazing country to pay a visit!!

where can I see gorillas in Africa?

gorilla-trekking-copySeeing gorillas in their natural habitat are on every ones bucket list all over the globe, but what matters in the decision of where to see / find them, Uganda or Rwanda??  Is the daily question for every individual or group tour. That’s why I choose to write about Traveling as it  is our specialty here active African vacations, and we are big believers in turning vacations into adventurer reality . We think bringing to you adventure advise before traveling should be about bringing people together from all around the world, and having unique experiences that they will remember forever not only to you but also to your traveling companion this would be really something to live to remember. Gorillas classified into Low land gorillas and mountain gorillas,  the low land gorillas exist in abundance especially in the Central African republic and in Gabon, its one single country where you can see the 3 species of primates  is, the bonobos, gorillas both lowland and mountain gorillas, and chimpanzees.

Mountain gorillas are one of the biggest attraction into Africa where we only find these species of gorillas, in other places gorillas have come to extinct the places are Congo DRC, Uganda and Rwanda… the level of tourist turn over varies due to number  to number of factors like, location, political factors like security and accessibility. Uganda  charges uniform prices on gorilla permits, the rate is subject to seasonality, like high season and low season  in low season no more permit at $350 instead  its $450 with the effect from New UWA tariff, this only a ply to April and May, November and December. While in others remaining months, it’s the normal price $600

while in Rwanda gorilla pass cost $700 irrespective of which month, we see gorilla in Rwanda volcanoes national park( kinigi) while in Uganda, gorillas are found in  Mgahinga national park ( Ntebeko) bordering Rwanda and Congo on the edge of Volcanoes park, Virunga and mgahinga park, Bwindi impenetrable forest, within Buhoma, Rushaga , Nsongi and Nkuringo trekking point. Gorillas exist in their natural habitats, besides gorilla trekking in the above  areas, Uganda has gone ahead to introduce gorilla habituation in Rushaga where you can stay with gorillas for more than 4 hours , at extra fee of $1200 this is much better compared to gorilla trekking which is $600 and you stay 1 hour with gorillas. Although the path is a bit muddy and somewhat steep, its all very doable if you have no health issues advisable to be in good health to go gorilla trekking  or else hire porter to have a much better chance of seeing the gorillas.


African safari

Going On safari is an unforgettable experience offering an exciting mix of wildlife adventure, unique cultural encounters and spectacular scenery!!!!!! Due to the presence of innumerable travel agencies, the its believable that Uganda is and Rwanda are among the young upcoming destinations in the world over to attract thousands of adventure travelers are being distributed and the inflow of visitors has been increasing over the years. The Safari service providers  have been doing well, why do you think  so? The internet has done a great job in letting one book a safari right next to his bed and RE-think why some have the advantage? But you don’t? It is their specialty or uniqueness. The key word of success in the tourism business would be the ability to work on basis of customer satisfaction rather than being profit orientation. Do you think you differ in any way form others with whom you could choose from on your next African safari? If not Why people would visit you for Safari on Rwanda side not Uganda, guess what, its because of good customer care???. that has been active African vacation uniqueness to drag people to our lovely and great prospective customers recommending a wide number of visitors why not try today and visit our number of selected reviews on multiple forums, reviews are great way to add a token of appreciation to the service being rendered in any way as pay back to the booking agency.

Africa is endowed with plenty of attractions ranging from primates to great big game like an African elephant this is Africas oil as it attracts wider variety of visitors to Uganda, kenya and Tanzania most of the visitors who come for gorillas finally end up going to Tanzania for wildlife viewing.



Rwanda is one of new /young destination to join the East African community right from the horrendous time of 1994, Rwanda has become popular in the eyes of adventure travelers who which to seek love for adventure , our major area of suly in Rwanda is the mountain gorillas which are only and only found into the  volcanoes park, gorilla permit cost $750 on prier booking and on arrival, gorillas have made Rwanda become so popular  due to gorillas and safety existence.the few other places which has promoted Rwanda is the Akagera national park that has a wide variety of game and other aquatic animal.

Besides those  nothing on planet earth that beats Rwandas  unique culture and  the beautiful women , shie…… Rwanda is ranked number one and its on the bucket to[p destination in Africa for it possession of  beautiful women with their undulating round eyes all these are awesome, this is not self promotion or sex  tourism , its an adventure into the eyes of the yarning guys , no man doesn’t like beautiful women, our hands are in treality into our hands , all men like to see smiling faces, why not visit Rwanda  to prove reality close into your  eyes?

Rwanda is one of the cleanest country in East Africa where all the streets are cleaned daily voluntarily by locals, the well know official day for cleaning “Omuganda” this special day is reserved in the whole country where every body within the country including the president has to participate in the general community cleaning , this exercise takes place on every last Saturday of the month, no vehicle is su[posed to be on the road within those specified working hours until mid day this justify why Rwanda is clean and known world wide for its cleanness.


12 Great things you shouldn’t miss out on your adventure vacation to Rwanda

Rwanda from the time of colonialist  in the 19th Century , Rwanda with colonialist directly sub-dived the country into 4 provinces not because they liked it  but it was their intention to easy their rule into the African countries as it would be easy for the Belgians to spread their interests in Rwanda the

  1. Eastern province, this is the area where most adventure travelers to Rwanda put their second choice after  Volcanoes national park, the part attracts thousands of visitors due to the existence of the Akagera national park. This is the only national park where one can reach it from the city Centre in 1 hours 30m minutes drive, the management pf the Akagera park is controlled by the south Africans, the park is known for great harboring of the giant African elephants, the newly re introduced lions, Leopards, Giant crocodiles, Hyenas , giraffes and great concertulation of Hippos plus other antelopes,
  2. Accessibility from Kigali to the gorilla territory.volcanoes national rwanda  park.
  3. Is by the road heading from the kigali city Centre , towards the airport, where you will find the junction that takes you straight onto your left hand side, you drive via kayonza after kayonza drive for 30Km where you will meet a big billboard showing Akagera national park, keep straight, you will end up into the parks main entrance gate.
  4. Central province: this is the province that takes over the great administration and commercial Centre of Rwanda, its place where all the city Centre activities and city tours are done, the major places of interest is , the visit to 3 famous genocide memorial sites, Nyamata, and Ntarama plus a visit to Gisozi museum/Memorial Centre. And the visit to the kaprachi shopping centers is worthwhile. Its about 15 km from Kigali international airport to the city Centre. Kigali city is the safest city and cleanest town of all over Rwanda, lights are on the streets one can even walk freely at night with no fear.

Northern province: this is the this is the province where it’s the hub for tourism where we find the major tourist attraction are found known as Volcanoes national park, the park is accessed from kigali within two hours’ drive for distance of (120Km) the major attraction here are the

Gorilla trekking tours,

Golden monkey trekking , Bisoke hike and karisimbi hike, all activities are done on daily basis and paid up for, within volcanoes national park, there a no forest/ nature walks within volcanoes national park, unless one is going for gorilla trekking or golden monkey hike only. Gorilla permit has to be pre-booked in advance especially during the peak season, January- march, June- late September. Gorilla trekking is daily all year around exercise with no public holidays.

Rubavu Destination: this is the most known up area for relaxation , it boarders congo and the beautiful lake kivu provides a platform for swimming and fishing plus other sport activities like kayaking on the volcanic lake,  the Congo Nile trail is another form of adventure which stretches away from Gisenyi to the extreme end of lake kivu in kamembe its 277Km ride or drive , on normal drive its 3-4 days ride to complete the whole circuit most of the attraction on this trail are community in initiative projects and  landscaping adventure or scenic drives, with great stop over at various campsite like Mugonero in karongi hill.and coffee tours.

Western province: this province comprises majorly , Nyungwe national park as the major attractions,  the great place of interest here is then famous Chimpanzee trekking in the Kyamudongo forest where the chimp permit cost $90 and it has to be pre booked though no advance payment is required, payment is on arrival , and your guide has to be pre booked the day before plier to your chimp trekking,

The canopy walk.. this is another alternative activity which one can participate inn besides chimpanzee trekking, one is required to book in advance and pay on the day of the walk the charges are per person at rate of $60 per person , the exercise is conducted 3 times a day so you have to choose your session wisely . its about 20km away from Nyungwe forest lodge on the drive back to kigali so those who wish to do the canopy walk  put that in mind, canopy walk the most fun activity and newly introduced in this rain forest where you walk while listening to the sounds of the jungle with mixture of rain drops.

Rwanda’s 12th Gorilla naming ceremony

Gorilla naming ceremony was first introduced in Uganda by the late Mapesa who the director of Tourism in Uganda at the time. Laiter the function was adopted by President kagame of Rwanda who has spearheaded the function from being a local function to a widely known international function. This year the Kwita Izina” naming ceremony “ in which newly born gorilla individuals are given manes in commemoration of those who have sacrificed their lives in the process of saving the mountain gorillas. This year the ceremony took place in the gorilla territory of Kinigi, formally known as Volcanoes national park, it was on 2nd /9/2016 when this function took place, the director of Rwanda tourism board President paul kagame was chaired for the opening ceremony of this function, the guest of hour in the famous international gorilla saving ceremonies were present including the Dianne fossey foundation, Gorilla doctors, and wwf
This was 11th celebration in which 22 gorilla babies were given names, this is within the Rwanda culture of naming the young born gorillas as symbol of welcoming them into the family, as it gives them chance to keep the trend and records for the number of young gorillas in a particular family.i have been blessed that in my life I have trekked gorillas within Rwanda’s volcanoes national park, and this was an experience that I wont forget in my life and it difficult to explain the feelings once you’re with these great apes, the love, the joy and feelings you get to have seeing the juveniles, playing, jumping over the trees its really believed to last like mothers love. I would only encourage those who haven’t seen the gorillas to go and see these great apes.
The existence of mountain gorillas through this Kwita izzina function attracts thousands of foreign investors as well as local villagers who are direct beneficiaries of Mountain gorillas through community benefit sharing as the revenues from mountain gorillas, a small percentage from the revenues is brought back to support the locals in form of subcidised school, good road networks construction, Electricity and many more, therefore, those who missed the Gorilla naming ceremony of 2nd sept 2016 hope you wont miss the next year’s 2017 most probably in June.Rwanda is becoming aprime destination to primate lovers with the existence of mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park and Nyungwe forest national park.
The given names include , Moshabiru,Nyampiga,Ukinyunga,Ushimwa,Hobe Rwanda ,Mafubo,uwumwiza,etc.

Global Tourism in Rwanda

The International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) has lauded Rwanda following its move to issue entry visas to nationals from all African countries travelling to or transiting through the country upon arrival at any entry point effective January 1, 2013, saying this would promote tourism.

It further singled out the country’s adoption of online visas for all foreign visitors as well as its existing biometric-based entry for citizens, saying this illustrates the country’s overall commitment to promoting e-government and smart visa policies.

ICTP President Professor Geoffrey Lipmann said this is clearly part of the country’s leadership vision in which tourism is a central element in the socio-economic development of the country.

“It’s right in line with ICTP’s vision of streamlined border controls and will help open up Rwanda’s great national parks (Volcanoes, Nyungwe and Akagera) which I experienced firsthand last year when attending its unique gorilla naming ceremony “the Kwizina event”. Each park is endowed with unique tourism product, volcanoes with the mountain gorillas in the mist for gorilla trekking adventure, the Dian Fossey Digit, Bisoke hikes, golden monkey for monkey tracking, Nyungwe with the chimpanzee and other primates and here you can experience the chimpanzee tracking, canopy walk and more other nature walk safaris, Akagera with the famous big fives in Africa and more wildlife species.

“ICTP is particularly pleased to have the Rwanda Development Board as a member of its council. We look forward to working with them to position these initiatives in the overall African green growth transformation and the worldwide movement for easy travel to create jobs.”

The Rwanda Development Board is a Council member of ICTP, while the country is a destination member.

The International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) is a grassroots travel and tourism coalition of global destinations committed to quality service and green growth.

The coalition engages communities and their stakeholders to share quality and green opportunities including tools and resources, access to funding, education, and marketing support.

It also advocates sustainable aviation growth, streamlined travel formalities, fair coherent taxation, and investments for jobs.

The coalition supports the UN Millennium Development Goals, the UN World Tourism Organization’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, and a range of programmes that underpin them. It has about 62 destination members around the globe.