Chimpanzee Tracking Tips, Chimpanzee Tours Uganda

While travelling to any country in Africa for chimpanzee tracking, you should ensure to follow some of these tips so as to have a successful encounter with these rare primates in their thick vegetation habitat. Below are some of the guidelines to follow;

  • Pack and Wear Appropriate Hiking Boots and Gaiters

While transferring for chimpanzee tracking in the various countries of Africa, every traveler should pack and carry ankle-high hiking boots and knee-high gaiters to wear while trekking and navigating through the thick forest vegetation. These will help you transfer over slippery surface due to out and inner soles that enhance stability on the boot. If you wear these appropriately, they will protect you from getting bitten by ants as well as scratched by the thorns.

  • Carry Leather work & Garden Gloves

While tracking the chimpanzees in the thick vegetation forests of Africa, wear leather work/ gardening gloves to enable you use the trees and bush for help while transferring from one area to another in the forest. These will also protect you from getting pierced by the thorns within the bushes and along the trees.

  • Bring A Camera Body with Good Low Light Capability and A Fast Lens

While going for chimpanzee tracking, make sure to carry a very good camera with you so as to take clear pictures of the terrain, the chimpanzees and beautiful sceneries. If you meet the chimpanzees, your camera must not have a flash light for these is provocative to the animals. So be aware to switch off your flashlight for the best experiences with the rare species of chimpanzees in their thick vegetation rainforests.

  • Hire A Local Porter

If you are travelling for chimpanzee tracking consider hiring a porter to help you carry your luggage throughout the thick forest so as to make your movement very flexible. These require approximately USD $20 per trek. If you hire one, you will be helping/ contributing to the community’s well being too.

  • Be Keen about what’s Behind

When interacting with the chimpanzees after meeting them, make sure to look and be sensitive on what is behind you for it might be a snake or something dangerous.

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