Rwanda Travel Guideline, Gorilla Tours in Rwanda-Rwanda Safari Tours

Travel to Rwanda also referred to as the “land of a thousand hills” to encounter unique exciting experiences while on holiday safari around Africa. It is land locked with various cities, towns as well as colorful villages that will make everyone who visits very happy and contented with the country’s beautiful creatures as well as features. Despite the setback in 1994 when the Genocide happened and about a million civilians were killed, the country has recovered from this period and become stronger in its developmental, economical and political state which has pushed it at the top compared to other countries in Africa.

The country has thick forest vegetation that inhabit many wildlife animals with National parks like Volcanoes National Park with the endangered species of Mountain Gorillas, Nyungwe Forest National park with chimpanzees and Akagera National Park with the rare Sitatunga as well as other wildlife animals. There are also various bird species that are watched by tourists around the world interested in bird watching. There are also coves in Kibuye as well as beaches in Gisenyi along Lake Kivu to make your stay in Rwanda very exceptional and breathtaking.

Kigali City

The capital city is a very exciting comfortable place to stay at due to the fact that it’s one of Africa’s most clean, safe and exciting cities with lights and order. The city is surrounded by many beautiful rolling hills which make every one that visits the country on safari vacation have exceptional encounters and experiences that last forever. There are various hotels, lodges and restaurants etc which make life simpler for one to transfer from one place to another.

Travel Guidelines

Local travel

There are two different borders to have access into the country i.e Gisenyi/ Goma and Cyangugu/Bukavu and these are always open from 06:00-18:00. While transferring in between Rwanda and DR Congo you might face immigration challenges. However, you should be very keen and careful while close to the Burundi border for conflict can rise from anywhere.

 Gorilla trekking

In Rwanda aprt from the prominent visits to the Genocide Memorials and Museums is Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park found in Ruhengeri. If you are traveling to Rwanda and looking for an exciting safari adventure holiday, visit Volcanoes National Park for unique Gorilla encounters an experience that will leave you wanting more. Yo will get to learn of the various Gorilla family groups in Rwanda as well as the prominent Dian Fossey who was a very dedicated primatologist for she sacrificed her entire life for the Gorillas. You can also hike up to the tombs where she was buried in Volcanoes National Park.

Grenade attacks

Rwanda’s security is very sophisticated but the country has been victim to Grenade attacks that happen without any notice. From 2011 grenade attacks have been happening around Rwanda especially in the city of Kigali and Musanze. For example, in January 2014, 2 grenade attacks happened in Musanze (Northern Rwanda) then in 2013 September, 2 others blew off in Kicukiro market and Nyabugogo Market in July 2013. These made the country shake and unstable so we advise whoever is traveling here to be very vigilant for any insurgences can occur anytime.


Rwanda is not so faced with crime cases due to the increased security implementation levels at every corner around the country. Though when traveling around the country, you should be keen with all your luggage while transferring from one place to another for this can be snatched/ stolen through the car windows without notice by con men that are ever targeting foreigners along the roads/ streets in the different parts of the country. Additionally, carry enough money to use instead of transferring to the different places around the city with lots of cash/ expensive jewellery etc.

Road travel

Before you travel to the country with intentions to drive yourself, ensure you travel with a valid international driving permit so as to drive comfortably around Rwanda without any inconveniences. The infrastructural development- roads in Rwanda especially from Kigali to other neighboring towns are very good. However, if you prefer to use public transport there are shared taxis-mini vans and motorbikes that can be used in transferring you from one place to another in the country.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are Rwanda’s prior objectives for the country has ensured these sections are highly taken care of. There are security personnel stationed at every point in the country and for health, the country has prohibition of polythene bags to allow easy decomposition.  So if you are traveling to Rwanda make sure not to carry any polythene/ plastic bags for you won’t access the country but instead carry paper bags.