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What to pack for a gorilla trekking safari

What to pack for a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda What to pack for a Gorilla Trekking safari in Uganda, Congo and Rwanda, essential gorilla trekking gear to bring, It’s important to come well prepared for the incredible experience of…

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what to expect on gorilla safari

What to Expect on a Gorilla Trekking safari For a gorilla trekking safari you need to be fairly fit as trekking for gorillas in mountainous rain forest means hours of hiking on steep, narrow footpaths, muddy conditions and walking through…

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Gorilla tours in Uganda on budget

Tracking Mountain gorillas in Uganda on a budget plan Even though gorilla trekking is known to be a life time experience, most trekkers have been left thinking that it’s only for the wealthy class and this is not right. A…

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Gorilla habituation experiences

Gorilla Habituation-Spend More Time With Gorillas Gorilla habituation is the process of introducing wild Gorillas to the sight and presence of humans for research, care and conservation purposes. Wild gorillas are trained by researchers and park rangers for a period…

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Luxury Gorilla Safari in Africa

Best Luxury Gorilla Safari in Africa And Cost 2024-2025 The best luxury gorilla safari in Africa and cost - Nestled within the heart of Africa, a continent imbued with timeless tales and enchanting landscapes, lies a unique experience that marries…

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Gorilla Trekking Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Go Gorilla Trekking: The Guide The allure of encountering gorillas in their natural habitat, in the dense forests of Uganda and Rwanda, is a dream for many. But it's a dream that comes with…

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African primates

African Primates gives information relevant to the conservation of nonhuman primates and their ecosystems in Africa. It facilitates the exchange of information and ideas among primatologists and conservationists working with primates in Africa. The primates of Africa are diverse and…

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See Gorillas in Africa

TOP 5 DESTINATIONS TO SEE GORILLAS IN AFRICA. Gorilla encounters are the ultimate wildlife experience, whether they are mountain gorillas or Western lowland gorillas. It is really captivating to witness the pure beauty of the silverbacks, the toddlers' fun, and…

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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

GORILLA TREKKING IN UGANDA The majority of mountain gorillas in the world reside in Uganda. One of Africa's most spectacular wildlife experiences is getting close to these animals in their natural environment. Support for conservation initiatives and population expansion is…

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