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Luxury Gorilla Safari in Africa

Best Luxury Gorilla Safari in Africa And Cost 2024-2025

The best luxury gorilla safari in Africa and cost – Nestled within the heart of Africa, a continent imbued with timeless tales and enchanting landscapes, lies a unique experience that marries luxury with wild wonderment: the luxury gorilla safari. For the discerning traveler, this is no ordinary adventure. This is an odyssey into one of Earth’s last bastions of pure, untouched wilderness, offering an intimate communion with the awe-inspiring mountain gorillas. But, what makes this voyage even more remarkable is the embrace of opulence, ensuring that every moment spent in this primal haven is infused with grandeur and sophistication.

Africa, with its vast savannahs, roaring waterfalls, and arid deserts, has always lured explorers with promises of the unknown and the thrill of discovery. Yet, there’s something indescribably enchanting about the dense, mist-covered forests of Central Africa, where the mighty silverback gorillas roam free. To embark on a gorilla safari here is to answer a primal call, an ancient beckoning that connects our very essence to the pulse of the wild.

Gorilla trekking in Africa
Gorilla trekking in Africa

As you venture into these mysterious forests, every sense is awakened. The chirping of distant birds, the subtle rustle of leaves underfoot, and the hushed whispers of the wind combine to form nature’s grand symphony. The anticipation builds as you tread lightly, knowing that you’re on the verge of coming face-to-face with creatures that share over 98% of our DNA. The first gaze into a gorilla’s eyes, intelligent and eerily human-like, is an epiphany. It’s a raw, humbling moment, reminding us of our intrinsic bond with nature and our responsibility towards its preservation.

However, the essence of a luxury gorilla safari in Africa doesn’t merely lie in the profound moments shared with these majestic beings. It’s also about the unparalleled comfort and opulence that accompanies the journey. Imagine retiring after a day’s trek to a lavish tented camp, poised on the edge of the rainforest. As the golden hues of dusk settle, you’re greeted with personalized service, gourmet meals that play tribute to both local flavors and international cuisines, and spa treatments that relax and rejuvenate. Every little detail, from the plush bedding to the perfectly tempered wines, has been curated to offer a world-class experience in the heart of the wild.

While the forests of Uganda and Rwanda are the poster children for gorilla treks, other regions in Central Africa (Dr Congo), too, have started rolling out the red carpet for luxury travelers. Each destination offers its own unique perspective, but they all promise an immersive experience. Whether you’re perched high up in a treehouse, gazing out at the sprawling canopy below, or dining alfresco under a blanket of stars, t juxtaposition of luxury amid raw nature is an experience in itself.

Sustainability, too, takes center stage in these expeditions. The melding of luxury with eco-conscious practices ensures that not only do visitors tread lightly on these fragile ecosystems, but they also contribute positively. The fees from these safaris often go directly into conservation efforts, aiding in the protection of these magnificent creatures and their habitats. Moreover, local communities benefit from the influx of tourism, leading to holistic development and a shared responsibility towards conserving this irreplaceable heritage.

Another quintessential aspect of these luxurious escapades is the expertise that accompanies them. Knowledgeable guides, with years of experience, ensure that every moment in the forest is both safe and enlightening. Their tales, woven from years of coexisting with the gorillas, add layers of depth to the encounter, transforming it from a mere sighting to an educational and emotive journey.

A luxury gorilla safari in Africa is much more than a vacation—it’s an experience of a lifetime. It is where unbridled nature meets unmatched comfort, where every moment resonates with discovery, and where memories are etched in the heart, forever reminding us of our deep, unbreakable bond with the wild. For those seeking to satiate their wanderlust with an adventure that’s as profound as it is plush, there’s truly nothing quite like it.

What is a Luxury Gorilla Safari in Africa: An Exclusive Trekking Experience

The mystique of the mountain gorilla, a creature of immense strength, intelligence, and gentle nature, has captivated the hearts and minds of many wildlife enthusiasts. Seeing these incredible creatures in their natural habitat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But what if the traditional gorilla trekking experience was elevated to unparalleled luxury and exclusivity? Enter the world of luxury gorilla safaris in Africa, where the trek is tailored for those seeking a more private and premium encounter.

The High Price Tag: $15,000 Gorilla Permit

When it comes to wildlife experiences, the most luxurious often come with a hefty price tag. The luxury gorilla safari is no different. A gorilla permit for a luxury gorilla safari in Rwanda costs a staggering $15,000, this experience is far removed from the regular trekking permits which generally cost a fraction of this amount. But with this significant cost comes unmatched exclusivity.

Choose Your Own Gorilla Group

One of the standout features of the luxury gorilla safari is the privilege to choose your own gorilla group. Instead of being assigned a group, as is the standard practice, luxury trekkers can select which specific gorilla family they want to visit. This provides a more personalized experience, allowing visitors to connect with the gorilla group that resonates most with them. Whether it’s a family with playful infants, a robust silverback, or a harmonious collective, the choice is yours.

Expert Guidance: The Park Ranger

To navigate the dense forests and ensure the safety and comfort of the trekkers, a dedicated park ranger accompanies each luxury gorilla safari. Their deep knowledge of the forest, gorilla behavior, and tracking techniques ensure that trekkers get the most out of their journey. Moreover, their stories and insights add an educational layer to the experience, bridging the gap between humans and gorillas.

An Intimate Experience: Less Than 6 Trackers

Traditional gorilla treks often comprise larger groups. However, the luxury safari is designed for intimacy. With less than six trackers, not only is the trek more personal, but it also ensures a more respectful and non-intrusive interaction with the gorillas. Smaller groups mean less noise and disruption, ensuring that the gorillas feel comfortable and remain natural in their behavior.

Soar Above the Landscapes: Elite Air Transport

Gorilla Flying Safari to Volcanoes National Park
Gorilla Flying Safari to Volcanoes National Park

Arriving in style is integral to the luxury gorilla safari experience. While conventional trekkers traverse on the ground, those seeking a premium experience have the choice of airborne arrival:

Flying Gorilla Safari Rwanda (From Kigali to The Lodge near Volcanoes National Park)

The luxury gorilla safari in Rwanda allows you to fly from Kigali to the Lodge near Volcanoes national park using a double-engine helicopter or a single-engine one. The double-engine helicopter quotes 4500$ for a one-way trip.

Volcanoes national park does not have an airstrip but the various lodges have various makeshift air pads where the helicopters land. The flying means provides stunning aerial views of Rwanda’s undulating hills and the contoured farmlands atop the enormous landscape. Travelers are rewarded with clear and stunning views of the five volcanoes on the Virunga massif on a bring day in the helicopter.

How to get to Volcanoes National Park

Active African Vacations arranges a luxury extended safari Landcruiser when you reach the lodge for ground transportation to the gorilla tracking area (Volcanoes National Park headquarters).

Flying means to use on a luxury gorilla safari in Uganda

Your tour operator organizes a chartered flight or scheduled flight from Aerolink.

Your setoff Flight point  is either Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airstrip and normally land at Kihihi Airstrip. At the airstrip, the safari driver guide will be waiting for you to transfer to Bwindi by a 4×4 safari land cruiser. The ground transfer takes about three hours.

The optional Airstrip to land on is Kisoro which is nearer Bwindi. But the drawback is that its operations are irregular due to the fog that dominates its skies which makes airplane flight and landing difficult.

Note: most of the special treats such as exclusive gorilla tracking fees of 15,000$, personalized park guides, choosing your favorite gorilla group, and intimate experiences are only organized on a luxury gorilla safari in Rwanda. In Uganda, the only special item offered to luxury travelers is the arrangement of charter flights and high-end lodges.

High-end Safari Lodges to Stay While on a Luxury Gorilla Safari in Rwanda, Uganda, Congo

Amidst the lush greenery of Rwanda and Uganda’s majestic wilderness, there lies numerous ultra luxury safari lodges that promise an unparalleled experience of opulence and adventure. Revel in sumptuous accommodations, exclusive amenities, and personalized services while embarking on an intimate journey with the majestic mountain gorillas. Step into a realm where luxury meets the wild, and let every moment become a cherished memory.  Here some of the Highend safari lodges to stay while on a luxury gorilla safari in Rwanda or Uganda.

Ultra Luxury Lodges for Gorilla Safari tours in Rwanda

Sabyinyo Lodge

Sabyinyo Lodge
Sabyinyo Lodge

Nestled in the heart of the Virunga foothills, a fabled region believed to have inspired tales of King Solomon’s mines, is the serene haven of Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge.

Enveloped by Rwanda’s lush tropical forests, this exquisite sanctuary offers guests an unparalleled blend of nature, luxury, and heritage. Choose between the rustic stone cottages or the opulent suites; each embellished with polished wooden floors, a cosy fireplace, chic ensuite bathroom, and a private veranda beneath traditional terracotta tiled roofs.

Guests can indulge their senses with delectable dishes in the intimate dining room or breathe in the majesty of the Virunga volcanoes while dining al fresco. Just a stone’s throw away, adventure beckons— from seeking out the regal mountain gorilla and whimsical golden monkey to immersing oneself in local culture and the picturesque trails that await.

At Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, every moment is an invitation to explore, relax, and rejuvenate.

Singita Kwitonda Lodge

Singita Kwitonda Lodge
Singita Kwitonda Lodge

Stationed within a verdant expanse of wetlands and lush meadows, Singita Kwitonda Lodge offers breathtaking vistas of the imposing Sabyinyo, Gahinga, and Muhabura volcanoes. True to its surroundings, the lodge incorporates the essence of the land and its culture, having been designed around the use of local materials. Volcanic rock, river stone, handmade ceramic tiles, and oven-red clay bricks crafted by the neighboring communities come together to form a structure that’s both authentic and contemporary.

This unique architectural gem is set against a backdrop of mountain bamboo, ferns, giant lobelias, and towering forest trees, which in time, promise to envelope and integrate the buildings back into the wilderness. The dramatic stone walls emerging from volcanic boulders lend a grounding energy to the floating structures that rise above. Green roofs, stonewalled cabins juxtaposed with airy verandas, provide a delightful play on form and texture.

Stepping inside, one is treated to an ambiance rich in handcrafted details. Layered textures, splashes of color, and artisanal pieces such as woven panels and handmade tiles lend the space a reflective and immersive character. The interiors exude an ethos that resonates deeply with the unparalleled beauty of its surroundings.

At the heart of Singita Kwitonda Lodge is a central hub, a haven of comfort and luxury, offering lounges, dining areas, an outdoor fire pit, interactive kitchen, bar deli, and a wine cellar that promises guests a taste of the exquisite.

Branching off the main lodge, volcanic rock pathways lead you to private suites, each a sanctuary of relaxation and luxury. The lodge offers:

Seven one-bedroom suites, featuring a plethora of amenities including indoor and outdoor showers, heated plunge pools, and fireplaces.

A two-bedroom suite, mirroring the comforts of the one-bedroom suites but on a grander scale.

The exclusive Kataza House, a four-bedroom villa with a host of luxurious facilities including a cinema room and fitness center.

Among the wealth of amenities available are in-room massage treatments, heated plunge pools, the enchanting Akarabo Nursery and garden, wine cellar tastings, a dedicated Gear Room, the Singita Boutique & Gallery store, and a dedicated Conservation Room.

Equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the lodge and offering power at 220V, the lodge assures modern comforts amidst nature’s embrace. And while children of all ages are welcome, guests are kindly reminded that gorilla trekking is reserved for those aged 15 and above.

At Singita Kwitonda Lodge, luxury intertwines with nature, offering you an experience that’s truly unforgettable.

One&Only Gorilla’s Nest

One&Only Gorilla’s Nest
One&Only Gorilla’s Nest

In the heart of Rwanda, where eucalyptus trees sway to nature’s rhythm, lies a haven of unparalleled luxury and eco-consciousness – the One&Only Gorilla’s Nest. Boasting a prime location, it’s the nearest resort to the historic Volcanoes National Park. Here, a vivid tapestry of wildlife unfurls, from the majestic mountain gorillas and elusive golden monkeys to an orchestra of over 300 bird species.

The landscape paints a surreal image, with serene volcanoes standing tall against gravity, evoking awe and wonder, beckoning cyclists to traverse its terrains. From the moment you step foot on this Eden, fragrances of roses and the towering presence of 60 ft eucalyptus trees greet you. And it’s not just the beauty they offer; every flora element is intricately woven into your experience, be it in the form of a welcome drink, culinary delights, or the warmth from burning logs.

Your journey to this oasis can be as dramatic as the resort itself. Take a scenic 2.5-hour drive from Kigali International Airport in a luxury SUV, immersing yourself in breathtaking vistas, or sweep in style aboard a chartered helicopter, offering a bird’s eye view of the volcanic landscapes and flourishing gardens below.

Drenched in history and culture, the resort stands as a testimony to Rwanda’s resilience and hope. Notably close to the legacy of renowned primatologist Dian Fossey, the resort is also nestled against the backdrop of Africa’s first national park. Here, the story of Rwanda unfolds – a nation that champions environmental sustainability, community welfare, and an indomitable spirit of progress.

This ethos permeates every facet of One&Only Gorilla’s Nest. From employing locals, contributing to community initiatives like ‘Umuganda’ in Musanze, and supporting local artisans, to championing sustainable culinary practices, every detail is meticulously crafted to celebrate Rwanda.

And while indulging in the luxury of your surroundings, remember that the experience is more than just about relaxation. Be it the mesmerizing infinity pool, gourmet delights at the Nest Restaurant and Bar, or the adrenaline surge at the state-of-the-art fitness center; every moment connects you deeper to nature. Rejuvenate at the One&Only Spa, drawing on age-old African remedies or tread the paths of Volcanoes National Park with expert guides.

Rest assured, when you choose the One&Only Gorilla’s Nest, you’re not just selecting a luxury resort; you’re embracing an ethos. A belief in giving back, in social development, and in conservation. Be a part of this transformative journey, immersing yourself in an experience that stays with you, long after you’ve left its gates.

Amakoro Songa Lodge

Amakoro Songa Lodge
Amakoro Songa Lodge

Nestled in a quaint village just beyond the perimeters of Kinigi town, within the scenic Musanze district of Rwanda’s Northern Province, lies the enchanting Amakoro Songa Lodge. With its panoramic views and a backdrop of the majestic Muhabura, Gahinga, and Sabinyo mountain volcanoes, the lodge offers a gateway to nature’s bounty and Rwanda’s rich cultural heritage.

Amakoro Songa Lodge is an epitome of luxury, spread across seven acres of land adorned with lush, manicured lawns and encapsulated by the unmistakable black volcanic rocks that this region is renowned for. Its eight opulent cottages have been intricately designed to offer not just comfort, but an experience. Every cottage exudes a rustic elegance, merging local aesthetics with modern sensibilities, and comes equipped with a fireplace, perfect for those cozy mountain evenings.

Yet, what truly sets this lodge apart is its strategic location. As the closest lodge to the Park Headquarters, it offers unparalleled convenience for those looking to embark on the thrilling gorilla trek in the Volcanoes National Park Rwanda. Beyond this, the lodge serves as a launchpad for an array of adventures— be it the Golden Monkey treks, a hike to the iconic Dian Fossey’s resting place, or the enchanting Bisoke Mountain. For those seeking a deeper cultural immersion, guided tours to Musanze caves, the renowned Ibiy Wacu community, and canoeing escapades on River Mukungu await.

Yet, every adventure is complemented with a touch of homeliness. The culinary experience at Amakoro Lodge is in itself a journey. With a farm-to-plate ethos, our chefs craft mouthwatering dishes using spices and organic vegetables grown in our very gardens. And while the food satiates your palate, the warmth of our service staff, many of whom hail from the local community, will touch your heart. Their authentic hospitality, coupled with a deep-rooted knowledge of the area, ensures your stay is nothing short of exceptional.

So, whether it’s the call of the wild or the allure of serenity that beckons you, Amakoro Songa Lodge stands as your haven in the heart of Rwanda. We invite you to indulge in a truly authentic Rwandan experience. Book now, and let the magic unfold.

High-end Gorilla Safari Lodges in Uganda

Bwindi Lodge

Bwindi Lodge
Bwindi Lodge

Bwindi Lodge is a luxury eco-lodge located near the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda. This forest is one of the few remaining habitats for critically endangered mountain gorillas. Here’s a brief overview of Bwindi Lodge and the surrounding area:

Bwindi Lodge is located at the edge of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site in southwest Uganda. The forest is renowned for its biodiversity and is home to about half the world’s population of mountain gorillas.

One of the primary reasons guests stay at Bwindi Lodge is to take part in gorilla trekking adventures. Guided tours allow small groups of visitors to trek into the forest in search of a family of wild mountain gorillas and observe them in their natural habitat.

The lodge typically offers luxury bandas (cottages) with views of the forest canopy. These accommodations are designed to blend seamlessly with the environment and often utilize local materials and designs.

Many eco-lodges, including Bwindi, emphasize sustainability and environmental conservation. This might involve using renewable energy sources, minimizing waste, and supporting local community projects.

A stay at Bwindi Lodge often allows visitors to engage with the local Batwa pygmy community. These indigenous people have lived in harmony with the forest for centuries, and various initiatives allow guests to learn about their culture and history.

Bwindi Lodge often serves meals made from locally sourced ingredients. Traditional Ugandan dishes might be offered alongside international cuisine, giving guests a taste of the local culture.

The lodge is relatively remote, and getting there typically involves a combination of domestic flights and drives. The journey can be lengthy but is often considered part of the adventure, with beautiful landscapes and the chance to see other wildlife along the way.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge
Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is a luxurious eco-lodge located in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It offers a unique opportunity for tourists to experience the natural habitat of critically endangered mountain gorillas.

The lodge is situated in the southern part of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, in the Nkuringo area, which is one of the starting points for gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge boasts a handful of spacious stone cottages. Each cottage has large windows offering panoramic views of the forest and the Virunga Volcanoes. They are designed to provide guests with comfort, warmth, and privacy.

The main attraction for visitors to this region is the opportunity to trek and see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The lodge provides guides and porters to assist visitors on their trekking experience. This activity requires a permit, which should be booked well in advance due to high demand.

The lodge is designed with sustainability in mind and offers amenities like a comfortable lounge, a dining area, a spa, and fireplaces in each cottage. The food served at the lodge is typically a mix of local and international cuisine.

One of the distinctive aspects of Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is its commitment to community development. A part of the lodge’s revenue goes directly to the local community, ensuring that they benefit from tourism.

The lodge not only provides a unique travel experience but also plays a role in conserving the delicate ecosystem of Bwindi and its prized mountain gorillas.

If you’re considering a visit, it’s always a good idea to check with the lodge directly or consult with a travel agency that specializes in African safaris to get the most up-to-date information and recommendations.

Mahogany Springs

Mahogany Springs
Mahogany Springs

The Mahogany Springs Lodge in Bwindi refers to a luxury accommodation located near the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. This park is world-renowned for mountain gorilla trekking, and many visitors to the park choose to stay at lodges nearby, such as Mahogany Springs.

The lodge offers a prime location for those looking to experience a gorilla trek in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It’s situated on the side of the Munyanga River, providing serene views and a peaceful environment.

The lodge usually offers a range of suites, including presidential, deluxe, and standard suites. These are designed to provide a mix of luxury and a sense of being in the wilderness.

Typical amenities might include en-suite bathrooms, private terraces overlooking the river, fine dining, and more.

Many lodges in the region, including Mahogany Springs, participate in or support conservation initiatives. Their operations often emphasize eco-friendly practices to minimize the environmental footprint. Apart from wildlife experiences, guests might also have the opportunity to interact with local communities, learning about their traditions and way of life.

Before planning a visit, it’s essential to check the latest reviews, availability, and current status of the lodge, as such details can change over time.

Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge

Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge
Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge

Tucked away in the heart of Uganda’s primeval Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge offers guests an unparalleled immersion into one of the world’s most ancient and biodiverse habitats. With the mighty volcanoes standing guard in the distance and the gentle whispers of the forest canopy above, the lodge is a haven for both adventure seekers and those wishing to find solace in nature’s embrace. This exquisite retreat, not only offers luxurious accommodation and world-class amenities but also serves as a gateway to one of Africa’s most sacred wildlife experiences – tracking the elusive mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Join us as we journey into the heart of the wilderness, where luxury meets the wild at Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge.

Gorilla Forest Camp

Gorilla Forest Camp
Gorilla Forest Camp

Located deep within Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the Gorilla Forest Camp stands as a testament to nature’s beauty and the unparalleled experience of wild encounters. This camp, which serves as a luxurious base for many intrepid travelers, offers more than just a place to rest one’s head. It’s a gateway to an ethereal world where man and nature intertwine seamlessly.

The Gorilla Forest Camp is strategically located in Bwindi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its biodiversity, especially the endangered mountain gorillas. The camp itself is immersed within this dense jungle, surrounded by ferns, orchids, and a variety of colorful bird species, echoing with the sounds of the forest.

Even though it’s positioned amidst raw nature, the Gorilla Forest Camp does not compromise on luxury. It boasts a collection of tented chalets which blend the charm of traditional African design with the comforts of modern living. Each tent is designed with a private deck offering panoramic views of the forest, ensuring that guests feel connected to the environment even within the confines of their room.

The camp offers gourmet dining experiences, with meals often prepared using fresh local ingredients. Moreover, the spa treatments available allow visitors to rejuvenate after a long day of gorilla tracking.

What truly sets the Gorilla Forest Camp apart is its proximity to the park’s gorilla tracking starting point. Visitors at the camp have the golden opportunity to encounter these magnificent primates in their natural habitat, with guided tours led by experienced trackers.

In addition to gorilla trekking, the camp offers community walks, bird watching excursions, and Batwa cultural experiences. The latter provides insights into the lives and traditions of the indigenous Batwa pygmies, the original inhabitants of Bwindi.

In line with the ethos of sustainable and responsible tourism, the Gorilla Forest Camp actively contributes to the conservation of mountain gorillas and their habitat. A portion of the camp’s revenue is channeled toward conservation efforts, ensuring the gorillas’ protection and the forest’s longevity. Furthermore, the camp is also involved in several community projects, supporting local schools and healthcare facilities, ensuring that the benefits of tourism reach beyond just the boundaries of the camp.

In essence, the Gorilla Forest Camp is more than just a luxury retreat. It’s a haven for nature lovers, a conservation initiative, and a beacon for sustainable tourism. Whether one is drawn to the allure of the mountain gorillas or simply the serenity of the Bwindi forest, the Gorilla Forest Camp promises an experience that is both unparalleled and unforgettable.

Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge

Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge
Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge

Situated within the enchanting heart of Ruhija-Bugarama Village lies the ultra-luxurious Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge, an epitome of pure opulence and escapade. Touted as a jewel amidst the most picturesque gorilla-tracking trailheads in Bwindi, the lodge offers an intimate connection with nature. With a panorama that encompasses the dense, seemingly impenetrable forests and the distant majestic silhouette of the Virunga Volcanoes, Kiho guarantees a sensory overload.

Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of the African jungle, ensconced in one of our ten luxury suites. Each suite stands as a secluded haven, embraced by untouched vegetation, presenting the allure of the wild, yet, within the confines of unmatched luxury. To further elevate your experience, the culinary prowess promises dining experiences that can only be termed regal.

At Kiho, they believe in complementing nature, not competing with it. Our O’Ruzogo Bar offers not just an assortment of the finest beverages but also a vantage point to witness the splendor of Bwindi Forest sunsets. Named in honor of a local gorilla family, the ambiance of the bar is a harmonious blend of the traditional and contemporary. Just a few steps away, the TV room, equipped with a 65-inch smart TV and a curated mini-library, ensures that their guests remain globally connected.

For those arriving with a flair for drama, the helipad stands ready, awaiting your grand entrance. While our indoor and outdoor dining areas led by an internationally acclaimed chef promise a gastronomic journey through Uganda’s diverse cultures. This is complemented by our unwavering commitment to fresh, organic produce, procured directly from farms.

As evening descends, the lounge, accentuated with a radiant sunroof, large glass windows, and a cozy charcoal fireplace, emerges as the perfect alcove to relax, reflect, or revel.

Be it a decadent breakfast at dawn, a leisurely lunch, a refreshing afternoon tea, or a gourmet dinner, our restaurant ensures that every meal is an event in itself, echoing our support for local produce and sustainable agriculture.

Come, immerse yourself in the authentic African luxury that is Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge, where every moment resonates with magic.

Trackers Safari Lodge

Trackers Safari Lodge
Trackers Safari Lodge

Nestled in the heart of Africa’s rich landscape, the Trackers Safari Lodge is your gateway to the wonders of the Buhoma Sector in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This pristine parkland is a fragment of a vast forest belt that once spanned from here to the foot of the Virunga Mountains. Though agricultural expansion about half a millennium ago reshaped this region, Bwindi has preserved its ancient allure.

At an elevation of 1500m and only a brief five-minute drive from the park’s headquarters, the lodge offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse oneself in Africa’s abundant wildlife. Notably, it houses the awe-inspiring Mountain Gorillas amongst 120 other mammal species that call this park home.

Trackers Safari Lodge is not just about nature; it’s about experiencing it in luxury. From the sweeping vistas of your private expansive balcony to the delicacies served in our multi-cuisine restaurant, every detail is curated for your comfort and pleasure. Indulge in the bar and lounge after a day of exploration or rejuvenate your senses at our health club, complete with a sauna, steam bath, gym, and Jacuzzi. For those seeking relaxation, our massage parlor awaits, and for memories to take home, the craft & souvenir shop offers a variety of artifacts.

Stay connected with the outside world with the complimentary high-speed WIFI. And for those arriving by air, the airstrip transportation ensures a seamless transition to the lodge. At Trackers Safari Lodge, your safety is paramount, ensured by our 24-hour security.

Join them for a unique African adventure, where luxury meets the wild.

Luxury Gorilla Safari in Congo: An Enchanting Journey

At this time, we are writing the article, Congo as a gorilla destination is not operation due to the volatile situation in the eastern part of the country where the Virunga national park and Kahuzi Biega national park are located.  But a luxury gorilla safari experience in Congo is worth a tale and maybe once the area is safe, you can try out the safari package to enjoy and meet the endangered gorillas in a sumptuous style.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, with its vast stretches of pristine rainforest, is a dream destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Home to the critically endangered mountain gorillas, Congo offers an unparalleled luxury gorilla safari experience, especially in the mesmerizing landscapes of Virunga National Park, and the lesser-known yet equally enchanting Kahuzi Biega National Parks. Embarking on a journey here is not just about witnessing gorillas in the wild; it’s about immersing oneself in the raw beauty of nature while enjoying top-notch hospitality.

Luxury Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site that covers an impressive 7,800 square kilometers. Its diverse landscape includes everything from lava plains to the snowy summits of the Rwenzori mountains. But the real stars here are the mountain gorillas. Being in close proximity to these gentle giants in their natural habitat is an experience that resonates on a deep emotional level.

The luxury gorilla trekking expeditions in Virunga are well-organized and prioritize both the safety of visitors and the well-being of the gorillas. Guided by experienced rangers, small groups are taken through the thick forests on paths less traveled to spend an unforgettable hour with a gorilla family.

Luxury Gorilla Trekking in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Located to the west of Lake Kivu and Bukavu town, Kahuzi Biega National Park is a gem often overshadowed by its famous counterpart. Here, travelers have the rare opportunity to trek the Eastern Lowland Gorillas or Grauer’s gorillas, which are larger in size and less commonly seen.

Luxury expeditions in Kahuzi Biega combine both comfort and adventure. With top-notch hospitality services ensuring travelers’ needs are met, treks into the park’s lush forests provide a raw, unfiltered experience of nature. The presence of fewer crowds also ensures a more personal and intimate encounter with these magnificent primates.

How to Book It

To embark on this luxury journey, travelers need to secure a gorilla trekking permit from the park authorities. The number of permits issued daily is limited to minimize disturbances to the gorillas. It’s advisable to book your trip well in advance, preferably several months, especially during the peak tourist season.

Many luxury safari operators offer all-inclusive packages for Virunga, which include the trekking permit, accommodation, and other activities in the park. When choosing an operator, ensure they have a proven track record of responsible and ethical practices.

How to Access the Park

The most common way to reach Virunga National Park is by flying into Kigali, Rwanda, and then driving to Gisenyi/Goma at the Rwanda-Congo border. From there, it’s a short journey into the park. Travelers can arrange transport through their luxury safari operator or hire a private vehicle.

Where to Stay – Mikeno Lodge

Nestled amidst the lush forests of Virunga is Mikeno Lodge, a luxury oasis that provides an intimate experience. With just 12 bungalows, the lodge guarantees privacy and personal service. Each bungalow is a blend of traditional Congolese aesthetics and modern comforts, offering panoramic views of the rift valley and Nyiragongo and Mikeno volcanoes.

Guests can enjoy gourmet meals prepared with local ingredients, indulge in spa treatments, or simply relax by the fireplace with a book. The lodge also organizes various activities like chimp treks and nature walks.

Visiting Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage Centre

No trip to Virunga would be complete without a visit to the Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage Centre. Named after a silverback gorilla that was tragically killed in 2007, this center is home to orphaned gorillas that have been rescued from poachers or conflict zones. Visitors get an intimate look into the lives of these resilient creatures and learn about the efforts taken to rehabilitate and reintroduce them into the wild.

In conclusion, a luxury gorilla safari is not just about seeing the mountain gorillas; it’s about immersing oneself in a profound, intimate, and unparalleled wildlife encounter. From the privilege of choosing your gorilla group to the exclusive attention of seasoned park rangers, every detail of this safari is curated for the discerning traveler. The breathtaking experience, combined with the aura of luxury and exclusivity, makes this safari a true bucket-list adventure for those who seek the best of the best in wildlife experiences.

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