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what to expect on gorilla safari

What to Expect on a Gorilla Trekking safari

For a gorilla trekking safari you need to be fairly fit as trekking for gorillas in mountainous rain forest means hours of hiking on steep, narrow footpaths, muddy conditions and walking through dense jungle of either Bwindi forest national park or volcanoes national park behind a scout who slashes a path through the foliage with a machete.

Expect to see other wildlife species besides gorillas such as monkey species, butterfly species, mammals like African elephant; birds such as African green broad bill, Grauer’s swamp warbler, Turner’s Eremomela, Chapin’s flycatcher and Shelley’s crimson-wing;

Expect rain fall even in the dry season, the rain forest is a challenging environment where it can rain any time of the day, it is un predictable hence humid, wet and muddy with some steep slopes, plenty of insects and thick vegetation.
Expect to be allocated to a habituated gorilla family and once you make contact with gorillas, you’ll spend an hour with them and settle down to observe them, watching the adults forage and groom each other while the babies tumble and play.

Witnessing gorillas express typically human gestures and emotions is a truly profound experience and one of the reasons that gorilla trekking is such a life changing encounter.

Book a tailored gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo with Gorilla Safaris Africa to enjoy an Amazing African Safari in both East and Central Africa

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