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Kigali City Tour.

It is safe to travel to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, as it is considered the cleanest and most orderly city. The city is marked by beautiful rolling hills, wonderful weather, hospitable residents, a rich culture, mouthwatering regional cuisines, and hotels with a high-end posh feel. While you visit Rwanda to appreciate its goodness, you should cross off the following places and things to do off your bucket list.

Places to visit on a Kigali City Tour.

Kigali Genocide Memorial Center.

Before participating in your preferred activity in one of Rwanda’s three national parks, it is worthwhile to visit this site. In the site at Gisozi, which is located in the heart of Kigali, more than 250,000 Tutsi victims of the 100-day Genocidal conflict are interred. The three components of the site were a children’s chamber, genocidal acts, and wasted lives. A visit to the website will give you the chance to learn more about the causes of the conflict and how people reacted with it through the use of tragic film and the guides’ own testimonies. Even though it can be challenging and emotional at times, it is worthwhile.

State Hose Museum.

Habyarimana was the last person to reside in this museum, which was formerly the presidential palace. According to legend, the president’s jet was shot down in the palace, which allegedly set off the slaughter. Therefore, people go to the museum to learn more about the reasons behind the genocide and the president’s life.

Richard Kandt’s House.

Richard served as Rwanda’s first colonial German governor. Currently, this mansion is used as a museum. It is divided into three main sections, the first of which depicts all facets of social, economic, and political life in Rwanda. The second section depicts the inhabitants of Germany during its colonial era until 1916, when the Belgian government took control. The third section details Kigali’s history and makes it apparent when the city became the capital in 1962. This displays everything that occurred both before and after colonial rule.

Kimironko Market.

Visit Kimironko market to learn more about the history of the Rwandese people. This was the main marketplace where affordable things could be found. Foods, groceries, clothing and kitenge fabrics that are offered in various stalls are included in this. In addition, there is a section of the market that sells used goods like bags and shoes, among others.

The King’s Palace Museum.

Rwanda had a kingdom in charge, but because of disputes between tribal groups against Belgium, kingdoms were outlawed. Later, the palace was transformed into a museum that displays the history of the nation. In close proximity to the museum are the graveyards of King Mutara and his wife, who died during the genocide. Visit Nyungwe while you are there to learn more.

Local Dance Performances.

This is yet another fascinating approach to learn about Rwandan customs and culture. Enjoy the exciting and spirited dancing of the Intore Cultural dance ensemble as you unwind from your day’s activities. You are free to get up from your chair and join the group for a fun dance as well.

Inema Art Center.

The institution was founded by two brothers with the intention of supporting regional artists in Kigali. The art center contains some of the top artists in the nation, and their items are available online. With its workshops and training, it also provides a platform for emerging artists. The Intore cultural group will perform for your amusement while you are at the art center.

Kigali Convention Centre.

On a tour of Kigali’s capital, photographers and shoppers are not ignored. The majority of conferences in Kigali are held at the Kigali Convection Center, making it one of the city’s most notable structures. It is distinguished by a five-star hotel, expansive shopping centers, distinctive architecture, lovely locations for photography, and locations to sample both regional and international cuisines. It also features magnificent lights that shine brighter at night.

Nyamirambo Women’s Center.

The most fascinating and lively towns outside of Kigali is Nyamirambo. The town is known for being noisy with parties and hangouts. The Nyamirambo Women’s Center is run by women who give other local women the power to support themselves by teaching them skills to work for a living. Weaving, cooking, producing crafts by hand, stitching, and other trades are among the talents taught. Also, this women’s center organization hosts the Nyamirambo walking tour, which allows visitors to see local markets and shops while learning about suburban life..

Where to stay in Kigali city.

Depending on their interests and budget, travelers can choose from a wide variety of lodging options in Kigali city ranging from luxury, moderate and low-cost options. These include, Des Mille Collines Hotel, Kigali Mariot Hotel, Iris Guest House, Galaxy Hotel Kigali, Five to Five Hotel, Hotel 2OOO Kigali, Country Inn Kigali, Top Tower Hotel Kigali, New Zebra Hotel, Upper Villa, Nazareth Guest House,  Hotel Chezlando, Hotel Gorillas.

After the tour is through, you will be completely informed about Rwandan culture, traditions, their tragic past, and how they overcame it. Nevertheless, Active African Vacations can provide further information so feel free to contact us.

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